JuniorGP Races 2022

pos.dateraceJuniorGPLapsTotal timeBest Lapavg kmh
1408.05. 22Circuito Do EstorilRace1730:15.45601:45.683141.00
1907.05.2022Circuito Do EstorilQP  01:45.575 
1622.05.2022Circuit Ricardo TormoRace 21831:06.05001:42.443139.08
1922.05.2022Circuit Ricardo TormoRace 11831:03.73301:42.182139.25
2620.05.2022Circuit Ricardo TormoQP  01:42.175 
1512.06.2022Barcelona-CatalunyaRace 21630:05.79201:51.094150.9
2212.06.2022Barcelona-CatalunyaRace 11630:01.23001:51.100150.9
2311.06.2022Barcelona-CatalunyaQP  01:50.795 
RT03.07.2022Circuito de JerezRace 2    
1003.07.2022Circuito de JerezRace 11628:51.55801:47.257148.5
1403.07.2022Circuito de JerezQP  01:47.651 
1217.07. 22Autódromo AlgarveRace14.09329:15.00901:48.593150.71
1516.07.2022Autódromo AlgarveQP  01:49.119 
RT03.09.2022Misano World CircuitRace15   
1702.09.2022Misano World CircuitQP  01:44.126 
2208.10.2022Motorland AragónRace1530:28.30402:00.226152.0
1707.10.2022Motorland AragónQP  01:59.732 
930.10.2022Circuit Ricardo Tormo

Race 1

1330.10.2022Circuit Ricardo TormoRace 21423:48.3881:40.712143.3
1330.10.2022Circuit Ricardo TormoQP  1:40.468  


Noah is a very talented and motivated moto racer. He has what it takes to enter the world championship.

Tom Lüthi, Noah’s Manager & Former World Championship Rider

Noah is a rider that is a pleasure to work with, he is responsive, fast and brave. He also has a very positive attitude, always with a smile even when things are not going well. He never stops working and will undoubtedly go far.

Julián Miralles, Teamchef Cuna De Campeones

Noah is a great promise for Swiss motorcycling, with a very competitive character, a hard worker because he always gives his best at home training. Nice, sociable and friendly, he is in clear evolution of his performance and will go very far.

Rafa Olcina Perez, Professional Trainer for motorcycle Racer, Elite Experience


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